ABC’s Stephanopoulos Caught, Biden Flubs Historic Facts in Awkward Interview

In a masterclass of media malpractice, ABC’s George Stephanopoulos tried desperately to toss President Joe Biden a few softballs during what was supposed to be a relaxed, feel-good interview. Instead, the president made it abundantly clear why even some in his own camp are questioning his ability to continue leading the nation.

Biden’s bumbling responses were reminiscent of a scene from a comedy show more than a high-stakes political interview. His answers seemed more disjointed than a toddler’s attempt at storytelling. At one point, he couldn’t even remember if he had watched his own debate performance from a mere week earlier. Forgetful much?

Adding to his list of historical inaccuracies, Biden told Stephanopoulos that he “put NATO together,” an impressive feat considering he was a six-year-old when the alliance was founded. Now, that’s what one might call a bedtime story for the history books.

On Tuesday, Stephanopoulos dropped a bombshell on Biden’s campaign without knowing it. While out on a stroll, sporting his workout attire on 5th Avenue, he was ambushed by TMZ. Stephanopoulos didn't mince words when a passerby asked the ABC anchor if he thought Biden should step down. He said he didn’t think the president could serve another four years—ouch.

Despite ABC’s damage control efforts to paint this candid moment as “George’s personal opinion,” the reality is clear. Even a seasoned Clinton loyalist like Stephanopoulos is hard-pressed to defend Biden’s performance. Truth be told, it’s hard to watch Biden’s interview clips without wondering if he’s up for the job.

In one particularly damning segment, Biden claimed he had done “10 major events” following the debate. As fact-checked by conservative sources, he had barely half that number, and most were closed-door events with friendly crowds—if you count schmoozing at a Waffle House as major, that is.

Stephanopoulos’ only error was stating the obvious. Just tell people to watch Biden’s interview, and they’ll see it for themselves. His disjointed thoughts make for an experience almost as painful as pulling teeth. No embellishment necessary—Biden’s own words are the best argument against his re-election.

Written by Staff Reports

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