ABC’s Stephanopoulos Hints Biden Unfit for Second Term

Who would have thought it’d be George Stephanopoulos to finally vocalize what half of America has been thinking? The former Clinton crony, now serving as a high-profile ABC News host, let the truth slip in an unguarded moment: Joe Biden might not be capable of a second term. Oh, the horror! Watching a Democrat accidentally tell the truth on camera is as rare as Haley’s Comet.

Stephanopoulos was caught off-guard, decked out in workout gear in New York, when a passerby asked if Biden should step down. Amidst some garbled audio, he essentially admitted that Biden might not be up for another four years. This little nugget of honesty was later indirectly confirmed when Stephanopoulos offered a half-baked excuse through Puck News, claiming he shouldn’t have answered the question. Is truth-telling so foreign to the left that they have to apologize for it now?





ABC News, in full damage control mode, promptly distanced itself from Stephanopoulos’s remark. It’s almost laughable. Corporate media playing the “that’s just his personal opinion” card is about as convincing as Biden’s economic recovery plan. But, hey, at least they’re consistent in their avoidance of anything remotely resembling reality.

TMZ aired footage of the interaction, adding another layer to this comedy of errors. The big takeaway? Stephanopoulos, who has had more face time with Biden than most, doesn’t believe the man has another term in him. One can only wonder if that was based on insider knowledge or just the obvious signs of Biden’s cognitive struggles that the rest of the country has been witnessing.

The ABC host’s interview with Biden, viewed by 8.5 million people, was supposed to be the grand showcase of Biden’s mental agility. Instead, it triggered more concern than confidence. Even Democratic heavyweights, like Obama’s former adviser David Axelrod, had harsh words. In an op-ed, Axelrod didn’t mince words about Biden’s dismal performance, highlighting the increasing panic within the Democratic Party.

It’s amusing to see the left scramble to defend their flailing leader while insider voices like Stephanopoulos inadvertently pull back the curtain. The Democrats wanted a strongman for 2024; what they got looks more like a rerun of 2020’s incoherence and incompetence. And George, well, maybe he’s finally starting to see it too.

Written by Staff Reports

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