Adam Schiff and his Liberal Cronies are Desperate to Keep Big Tech Censorship

On CNN’s State of The Union, Adam Schiff, the House Intelligence Committee’s ranking member, made a couple of veiled threats against Elon Musk.

The outgoing committee chairman, Schiff, joined Jake Tapper to discuss the impending charges against Donald Trump.

During his discussion with Tapper, Schiff discussed the various issues that face social media companies. One of these is the failure of them to remove hate speech and fake news from their platforms.

He noted that social media and Twitter may not be able to continue to enjoy immunity from liability and responsibility.

He suggested that the government should step in and take over the policing of free speech on social media.

Schiff was responsible for maintaining a censorship regime that was entrenched in Big Tech. He and three other Democrats sent a menacing letter to Nick Clegg, the president of global affairs of Meta, a platform formerly known as Facebook, on Tuesday.

They warned that if the company started to follow Twitter’s free speech path, the consequences would be severe. They demanded that the company remove dangerous and misleading election-related content.

Three weeks ago, Musk authorized the release of the Twitter Files, which revealed that the company and the FBI were working together to suppress dissent and suppress the First Amendment.

The Twitter Files also revealed that the FBI used its regular meetings with the company to pre-bunk a story about Hunter Biden’s laptop. They then forced the company to suppress the story for over two weeks.

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