AG James’ Trump Witch Hunt: Exposed by $400M Investor!

The long-awaited closing arguments in New York Attorney General Letitia James’ civil case against Donald Trump have finally come to an end. But let’s be honest, folks, this whole ordeal is nothing more than a partisan witch hunt fueled by a deep-seated hatred for the former president. James, a partisan Democrat who campaigned on taking down Trump, is using flimsy allegations of bank fraud in a desperate attempt to tarnish his legacy.

According to James, Trump supposedly defrauded banks by “overvaluing” his assets. But does anyone really believe that? Not only is there no evidence to support these baseless claims, but it’s common knowledge that real estate developers always inflate their asset values when seeking loans. It’s just part of the game, folks! And let’s not forget, Trump’s financial success speaks for itself. He’s a billionaire business tycoon who knows a thing or two about making deals.

Enter Kevin O’Leary, a wealthy investor with a net worth of $400 million, who completely dismantled James’ case with a logical and straightforward argument. O’Leary explained that real estate developers, like Trump, always strive to present their assets in the best possible light when seeking loans. Negotiating with banks on the value of an asset is a normal practice, and it’s ludicrous to suggest otherwise.

But, of course, because Trump is involved, the rules suddenly change. James, along with her laughably biased judge, want to claim that it’s fraud to negotiate an asset’s value with a bank. Give me a break! This is nothing more than a politically motivated attack on a successful businessman who dared to challenge the establishment.

And let’s not forget that no bank simply accepts a borrower’s appraisal at face value. Banks conduct their own research and offer a compromise position based on their own assessment. In the end, the banks involved in Trump’s loans were paid back according to the agreed terms. Nobody lost money, folks! This is all just smoke and mirrors.

I have no doubt that the judge will rule against Trump, given the biased nature of this whole proceedings. But mark my words, this battle is far from over. Trump will appeal, and it will only be a matter of time before justice is served, and he emerges victorious. The truth will prevail, and Letitia James’ shameless attempt to take down a political opponent will go down in history as yet another failed witch hunt.

Written by Staff Reports

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