Alaska’s Peltola: Biden Buddy or State Traitor? Voters Decide

In the great state of Alaska, Congresswoman Mary Peltola is stirring up quite the controversy with her actions in Washington. This Democrat representative seems to have forgotten who she is supposed to be working for – the hardworking people of Alaska. Instead of fighting for their interests, she’s been busy cozying up to Joe Biden and his liberal cronies, voting against military pay raises, veterans funding, and infrastructure projects crucial for the state’s development.

But that’s not all – Peltola has also been dabbling in some questionable decisions, like canceling oil and gas leases that could have brought much-needed jobs to Alaskans. And let’s not forget her soft stance on crime, voting to reduce criminal penalties and going easy on lawbreakers. It’s clear that she’s more interested in playing politics than actually standing up for the values of the people she’s supposed to represent.

Thankfully, Alaskans have had enough of Peltola’s antics and are taking action. A group called Alaskans for Honest Elections is working to repeal ranked-choice voting, a system that could end up keeping Peltola in office despite her poor track record. With over 42,000 signatures submitted for verification, there’s hope that this flawed system could be overturned in time for the next election.

Speaking of elections, Alaskans have a chance to make a real change this year. With Republican candidates like Nick Begich III and Lieutenant Governor Nancy Dahlstrom stepping up to challenge Peltola, there’s a real opportunity to flip the script and put Alaska’s interests first. By following the “rank the red” strategy and supporting the GOP candidates, Alaskans can send a strong message that they’re tired of being overlooked in national politics.

So, as we gear up for another round of political battles, let’s remember that Alaska deserves better than a representative who puts party politics above the needs of the people. It’s time to stand up, rank the red, and show Mary Peltola that her days of selling out Alaska are numbered. The Last Frontier deserves a true fighter in Washington, not a Biden enabler who’s more interested in scoring political points than making a real difference for the state.

Written by Staff Reports

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