Alito Blocks Biden, Saves TX from Illegal Immigrant Surge

In a move that left conservatives across the country cheering, Justice Samuel Alito stepped in to block a decision that would have allowed Texas to crack down on illegal immigrants. This decision would have given local law enforcement the power to arrest those who break the law by crossing the border illegally. Good job, Justice Alito, for keeping our borders safe from those who want to break the rules!

As expected, the Biden administration tried to stop this law from taking effect, whining about possible chaos in administering federal immigration laws in Texas. Don’t they realize that Texas has been dealing with an influx of illegal crossings and their citizens deserve to feel safe in their own state? It’s about time someone stood up for the rights of legal residents over lawbreakers.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott signed this law in response to the surge of illegal immigrants pouring over the border. The Department of Justice, being the ever-watchful watchdog of liberal policies, swooped in to sue Texas, trying to prevent the law from being enforced. It’s clear that President Biden and his cronies have no interest in stopping the flow of crime and drugs coming across the border. Thank goodness for Governor Abbott taking a stand against these transnational criminals.

Texas made a strong argument in defense of the law, citing the state’s duty to protect itself from dangerous transnational violence. It’s refreshing to see a state take its security seriously in the face of a weak federal government. With cartels exploiting our lax immigration policies and the lack of enforcement, it’s no wonder illegal crossings continue to rise. President Biden may not have a clue about the importance of strong borders, but Texas knows what it takes to keep its citizens safe.

Despite a federal judge initially halting the law, the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals stepped in to keep it alive. This prompted the Biden administration to cry foul and appeal the decision. It’s a never-ending battle between those who want to uphold the rule of law and those who want to cater to lawlessness. Thankfully, conservatives like Justice Alito are there to tip the scales in favor of justice and order.

Written by Staff Reports

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