Alito Strikes Back: Scoops & Debunks ProPublica’s Smear Before They Even Publish!

In response to the smear campaign launched by Progressive merchants, Justice Samuel Alito of the Supreme Court decided to go after them on his own. In an op-ed published by the Wall Street Journal, he criticized the media for misleading its readers. The article was written in response to an article by ProPublica, which contained an innuendo-filled screed about his time in a luxury fishing trip with a prominent Republican businessman.

The response of Justice Alito to ProPublica, which was published just hours before the outlet released its story about the allegations, was very interesting.

The left-wing group ProPublica is known for its work in character assassination and smears. It is also taking orders from its donors, who are funding other groups that are attacking conservative justices. Its opposition is not principled. The group is funded by the same individuals who are pushing for the removal of Justice Thomas.

In his response, Justice Alito went after the numerous factual inaccuracies that were presented in the article by ProPublica. He provided in-depth answers that would have never been included in the reporting of the news outlet. Instead of being defensive, he took the initiative and delivered an impressive response.

This isn't the first time the left-wing group has targeted conservative members of the Supreme Court. It tried to remove Justice Gorsuch from the court during the previous lynch mob attempt against him, but they were unsuccessful. Now, it has targeted Justice Samuel Alito and Clarence Thomas.

Who among the conservative justices will be targeted by ProPublica's next batch of hit pieces? It is a coordinated operation carried out by groups funded by left-wing extremists who are determined to destroy the high court.

The response by Justice Alito to ProPublica was needed, as it showed that the tactics used by the group will not go unnoticed. He also made it clear that the false allegations made by the Progressive merchants will not be allowed to be published.

Source: Red State

Written by Staff Reports

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