Swimmer Battles NCAA’s Transgender Bias: Dems Erase Women’s Sports!

Riley Gaines, a former collegiate swimmer, testified before a Senate committee that is focused on protecting LGBTQ+ Americans' civil rights. She discussed her experience when she faced off against Lia Thomas, who was a transgender woman. Although she was able to place fifth in the NCAA Freestyle Championship event, she was ranked 554th in the men's 200 freestyle competition.

According to Gaines, the NCAA discriminated against female athletes by excluding them from the podium and the pool. She also stated that she felt betrayed by the organization's decision to force her to present the trophy to Thomas after the match. She also talked about how her teammates were not informed about how they would be sharing a locker room with a transgender individual, and she revealed that the officials had also dismissed the privacy rights of female swimmers.

Despite the importance of preserving women's rights, the left and Democrats are more concerned with erasing Title IX and women's sports instead of acknowledging its importance. Human Rights Campaign President Kelly Robinson stated that men have an unfair advantage when it it comes to playing sports.

During her testimony, Robinson referred to an article about tennis star Serena Williams, who she claimed is stronger than the men who tried to take down her. In response, Gaines noted that Williams and her sister Venus have lost to male tennis players.

The Democratic Party's stance on protecting the transgender community has been condemned by many people. It is clear that they are actively erasing women's rights. The party claims to champion women's rights, but it is also actively discriminating against them. This testimony shows that there is a need to address the issue of biological males' unfair participation in women's sports.

Source: Red State

Written by Staff Reports

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