Gaetz Exposes Durham’s Losing Streak: Is He Protecting the Corrupt?

In a heated exchange in Congress, Representative Matt Gaetz challenged Special Counsel John Durham on the shortcomings of his report. It is no secret that Durham’s track record includes losing two cases and securing only one guilty plea, from the recently reinstated Kevin Clinesmith. Despite these facts, Durham still paraded around like his investigative team had been champions, shielding the country in their crusade to operate under the law.

Gaetz continued to question Durham and pointed out that his report failed to charge key figures like former Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe and showed no results against alleged lying Democrats or Russians. He also slammed Durham for not investigating Joseph Mifsud or the Mueller probe, despite his jurisdiction extending to it.

To illustrate his point, Gaetz compared Durham’s role to the Washington Generals, who showed up only to lose to the Harlem Globetrotters every night. Much like the Generals, Gaetz said that Durham was there to lose and it was the omissions in his report that mattered, not what it contained.

“You are one of the barriers to the true accountability that we need,” Gaetz declared, stating that Durham had let the country down by protecting the criminals. Durham tried to retaliate by asking Gaetz if he had ever investigated a crime, which only made him look more foolish.

Gaetz concluded their exchange by questioning Durham over whether he had investigated McCabe and the Mueller team for wiping their phones. He accused Durham of shielding the people involved and acting against the country’s interests. Durham defended his actions, stating that he could only act within the bounds of the Constitution and the rule of law.

It is clear that Durham failed to fulfill his duties and hold corrupt individuals accountable. It’s time for Americans to demand the truth and show Durham that he is not untouchable. The country deserves better, and it’s time to demand accountability.

Written by Staff Reports

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