FBI Ignored Clinton Plot to Vilify Trump: Durham Exposes Shocking Intel Failure

According to John Durham, the special counsel for the investigation into Hillary Clinton, the FBI failed to act on intelligence indicating that she was planning on coordinating with Russia to negatively affect Donald Trump during the presidential race. This intelligence was so significant that it should have been shared with top officials such as Barack Obama and Joe Biden.

According to Mr. Durham's report, the FBI failed to act on its warning signs that the agency might be used by political groups to influence the election results in 2016.

Despite the uncorroborated nature of the intelligence report, it caught the attention of John Brennan, the then-CIA director.

The matter was then forwarded to James Comey, the FBI director, and Peter Strzok. Strzok was then the agency's deputy counterintelligence director.

One of the FBI's agents involved in the Crossfire Hurricane case was unaware of the intelligence report until he saw how it had been handled. When he learned about the incident, he became emotional and left the room.

An FBI agent said he was ticked off because he was not given this intelligence report as an agent assigned to investigate the case.

According to Mr. Durham's report, the Clinton campaign's plan to link Donald Trump with Russia was not taken seriously by the FBI. This lack of action, he noted, did not amount to a crime, but it should have prompted the agency to analyze the intelligence.

It is astonishing that the FBI did not act on intelligence that should have pointed out the potential influence of political groups and individuals. This report also shows that the investigation was biased.

The investigation conducted by Mr. Durham revealed that the FBI was playing politics during the time of the Obama administration. Despite this, he maintained that his team's work was not partisan. He also noted that the suggestions that the agency was engaging in political activities were offensive and untrue.

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