Biden’s Son Exposed: VIP Gold Uncovers Family Secrets & Crimes

Tonight’s RedState headline screams out, “Good to Be the President’s Son When Charged With a Crime” and it’s absolutely true. Hunter Biden, the President’s son, has consistently received favorable treatment and a pass from the liberal media, Democrats, and law enforcement. But those days are over for the Biden family. Finally, justice is being served.

RedState contributor Scott Housell will be revealing all the sordid details tonight about the Biden family and how their corruption has finally caught up with them. RedState has been reporting on the Biden family’s shady business dealings for years and Scott will be sharing the hard evidence that implicates the President’s son in several crimes.

It’s obvious that the corrupt liberal media has covered up for the Biden family for far too long. They’ve turned a blind eye to all the evidence that points to corruption at the highest levels of government. But the truth always comes out eventually, and tonight, the RedState VIP Gold members will get the inside scoop.

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The Biden family’s corruption is finally catching up with them, and the liberal media can no longer hide the truth. Tune in tonight to find out all the dirty secrets that the Biden family has been hiding from the American people. Justice will be served.

Written by Staff Reports

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