FBI Exposed: Crossfire Debacle Unravels as Dems Eat Their Words!

The bombshell revelations from Special Counsel’s testimony before the House Judiciary Committee on Wednesday were not staggering to the political right, but it appears it took nearly a year for the left to finally catch up to the truth. Special Counsel confirmed under oath that not only was there absolutely no adequate basis to launch the Crossfire Hurricane investigation, but that the FBI failed to examine all of the exculpatory evidence to their disposal. This has been a revelation to anyone paying attention to the FBI/DOJ‘s abuse of power in investigating whether the Trump campaign colluded with Russia for more than three years.

According to the testimony, it was also found that the FBI Director James Comey had illegally kept tabs on the Trump campaign’s emails, texts, and phone calls. Comey also fired an FBI official who he thought was too close to the Russia investigation to be trusted, causing all of their investigations to be handled by a group of investigators who were sympathetic to Hillary Clinton.

This fascinating line of questioning from Republican congressman Rep Cline just confirms all of the shocking details from the Durham report, which found that the Crossfire Hurricane investigation was based on false pretenses and should never have happened.

They went on to confirm that the FBI abused their authority under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, and that the FBI immediately opened Crossfire Hurricane as a full counterintelligence investigation without first talking to the Australians and gathering other evidence.

These revelations should have Democrats questioning their support of the FBI and their motives. It’s clear that Representative Adam Schiff (D-CA) and the rest of the “Resist Trump” crowd will stop at nothing in their witch hunt to undermine the election of President Trump. The Left wants us to forget the fact that this information came out when Democrats claimed there was no “deep state” and that their conspiracy theories about Trump’s supposed collusion with Russia were fabricated.

Now, it’s time to hold the FBI accountable for ignoring all of the exculpatory evidence and abusing their power, including fabricating evidence and misleading the court, while trying to take down a presidential candidate. It’s no surprise that the Durham report is not just sobering but deeply troubling too. Americans deserve to know the truth and some heads need to roll as a result of this gross misconduct.

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