Amanpour’s Bias Exposed: PBS Deletes Hamas Truth Bombs!

In a shocking turn of events, leftist journalist Christiane Amanpour once again demonstrated her lack of sympathy for Israel and its precarious position in the Middle East. On her recent show, Amanpour & Co., which airs on CNN International and is unfortunately funded by taxpayers via PBS, she led with interviews of survivors and family members of kidnapped Israelis. But here’s the real question: Why did PBS feel the need to delete Amanpour’s acknowledgement that Hamas is responsible for the death and destruction in Gaza?

In her unedited monologue, Amanpour pointed out the war crimes committed by Hamas against innocent civilians in Israel. She also highlighted the fact that Tzipi Livni, a respected politician, and many others hold Hamas accountable for the death and destruction inflicted upon the Palestinian people in Gaza. But apparently, PBS thought it would be best to shield Americans from the truth by removing these crucial statements from Amanpour’s broadcast. It’s a shame that taxpayer-funded media organizations prioritize political correctness over honesty.

Amanpour also appeared on CNN International, where she continued her biased reporting. She began her segment by announcing the devastating and unprecedented slaughter of Israelis by Hamas. Yet, she conveniently neglected to mention that Hamas initiated the attack by launching a surprise assault from Gaza. Instead, she solely focused on the casualties on the Palestinian side, deliberately ignoring the Israeli victims. This kind of biased reporting only perpetuates a one-sided narrative that fails to address the complexity of the situation.

Israel’s decision to declare a complete siege of Gaza was deemed necessary to protect its citizens from barbaric terrorists. However, Amanpour framed it as a punishment, disregarding the fact that it was a response to the continuous airstrikes from Gaza. She mentioned the casualties on the Palestinian side, but failed to mention the thousands of rockets fired at Israeli civilians by Hamas. This deliberate omission only serves to paint Israel as the aggressor and leaves out the crucial context.

It’s outrageous that Amanpour referred to the Israeli attacks as an “unprecedented and devastating slaughter by Hamas.” The irony is thick, considering that it was Hamas who initiated the assault. This bias not only weakens the integrity of Amanpour’s reporting but also undermines the truth. Taxpayers should be outraged that their hard-earned money is being funneled into a network that promotes such one-sided and misleading coverage.

It’s time for the American people to demand transparency and unbiased reporting from media outlets. We deserve the whole truth, not a distorted narrative that fits a political agenda. As consumers of news, it’s important to seek reliable sources that provide a balanced perspective and consider all sides of the story. In the case of Amanpour’s reporting, it’s clear that her sympathies lie elsewhere, leaving the truth buried beneath layers of bias. It’s high time for conservative voices to rise up and provide the much-needed counterbalance in the media landscape.

Written by Staff Reports

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