American Company Slams Woke Corporations in Transgender Sports Debate

Recently, a video from Egard Watch Company went viral, responding to the “woke corporate America” and taking a firm position in the debate over transgender athletes competing in women’s sports. The advertisement, titled “#Erased,” features a young girl who aspires to be the fastest runner in the world. She speaks about how her father boosted her confidence by always saying, “ain’t no woman alive that can beat you,” which made her feel invincible. She trained hard, harder than anyone else she knew, to achieve her aim of becoming the best. But when the camera began to focus on a biological male competing in her race, even her perfection wasn’t enough.

The ad displayed headlines that referred to men controlling women’s sports. One such headline read, “Transgender woman who last year competed as a man wins NCAA track championship.” The message was clear: biological men competing as women have such an unfair advantage over biological women that it diminishes the value of women’s sports.

Various media outlets have been celebrating transgender athletes, which led to the creation of the “Erased” ad. For example, ESPN gave tribute to Lia Thomas- a trans athlete- during “Celebrating Womens’ History Month” by showing highlights of her swimming career. Fallon Fox, another trans athlete, has been accused of breaking several female competitors’ skulls while competing.

The company behind the ad, Egard, has always believed in the truth, and the advertisement made the truth clear: biological males competing as females erase the purpose of women’s sports. The video has gone viral on social media, and millions of people appreciated the message. It was praised as a “brilliant” move by the company. It has resonated with many people who are fed up with the pressure to pretend that men and women are the same. For many, it’s not just about sports but about recognizing the innate differences that exist between males and females.

Source: Townhall

Written by Staff Reports

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