Exposed: Top Dem’s shady past with a Chinese spy and lavish trips on donor dime

Democratic Congressman Eric Swalwell is in hot water yet again, this time for his past relationship with a Chinese spy. The relationship was confirmed last year, but the subject recently came up during a congressional hearing. Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene made some hilarious jabs at Swalwell, calling attention to his relationship with the spy. She was criticized for her comments, but the best part was that Swalwell was unable to have her words struck from the record.

To make matters worse, Fox News host Tucker Carlson jumped in on the criticism by calling out Swalwell’s excessive travel expenses. Carlson pointed out how Swalwell has been traveling to fancy locations, which were paid for by his campaign donors. It makes you wonder what Swalwell was up to on all of his trips, doesn’t it?

Swalwell certainly isn’t having an easy week, and it’s clear that his past decisions are coming back to haunt him. The American people deserve to know if their lawmakers are working for the good of the country, or if they have ulterior motives. Thanks to people like Marjorie Taylor Greene and Tucker Carlson, these important questions are being asked. It’s about time we hold our elected officials accountable.


Written by Staff Reports

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