Biden Ignores Party Calls to Step Down as Polls Favor Trump

Joe Biden’s refusal to heed the increasingly loud calls from his party to step down is sending plenty of ripples through the Democratic pond. Let’s face it, if Biden steps aside, the Democrats might be handpicking a losing horse regardless of their choice. Vice President Kamala Harris and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton seem to be the best options, but really, does either stand a real chance against former President Donald Trump?

A poll from Democratic pollster Bendixen & Amandi, shared with Politico, dared to claim Trump is barely edging Biden by a thin 43%-42%, yet Harris supposedly leads him by 42%-41%, and Clinton’s arcane magic has her a nudge ahead at 43%-41%. Dream on, liberals. When it comes to other Democratic hopefuls like Governors Gretchen Whitmer and Gavin Newsom, they trail Trump badly, reinforcing the belief that no matter how you shuffle the deck, a jester remains a jester.

The poll had the nerve to suggest that a Clinton-Harris ticket would be the Democrats’ golden goose, leading Trump 43%-40%. Another fantasy pairing of Harris and Pennsylvania’s Gov. Josh Shapiro is alleged to beat Trump 42%-40%. Only a Harris-Whitmer ticket, the poll claims, would lose to Trump 41%-39%. Funny how they try to spin this like they’ve still got a winning chance, but reality paints a glaringly different picture. 


Harris as Biden’s heir apparent offers no new promise. The Democrats’ desperation to find a viable option only shines a spotlight on their weakness. Clinton’s sour grapes from her 2016 loss linger, even though she’s clinging to Biden’s coattails despite his disastrous performance in the last presidential debate. Talk about rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic.

President Biden’s bumbling interviews and hollow campaign events do little to silence growing doubts within his party. Recent polls further hammer the point home, showing Trump not just catching up but overtaking Biden. The New York Times-Siena College poll has Trump besting Biden 49%-43% among likely voters and a Wall Street Journal poll also shows Trump leading 48%-42% among registered voters. The RealClearPolitics polling average has Trump ahead at 47.5%-44.1%.

Behind the scenes, more Democrats are whispering what everyone else already knows: Biden’s once and done. It’s amusing to watch the party struggle to find a candidate credible enough to stand against Trump. However, no matter their mental gymnastics, the path to victory remains out of reach for the Democrats.

Written by Staff Reports

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