Democrats Waver on Biden as Election Chaos Looms

Democrats are getting cold feet about their figurehead, President Joe Biden, and they’re now facing a logistical nightmare if they convince him to throw in the towel. Replacing a candidate close to the finish line is the political equivalent of changing a tire on a moving car—and let’s just say, the Dems aren’t exactly NASCAR pit crew material.

Changing the presidential ballot is technically possible, but it’s like trying to renovate a kitchen with a toothpick—painfully slow and likely to leave a mess. Swing states, still reeling from the chaotic election laws of 2020 brought on by COVID-19, may not be eager to jump through more hoops just to make the Democrats happy. Some of these states even took criminal action against officials for so-called election interference, so it’s safe to say the mood isn’t exactly festive.

Swing states are now bracing for what could be the mother of all election migraines: how to legally swap out their Democratic nominee just weeks or months before the big day. The Democratic Party can’t seem to rally around their current poster child, Biden, whose age and health are causing major consternation even as they steam toward their convention in Chicago this August.

Of course, if the Democrats try to pull the rug out from under Biden, Republicans are more than ready to throw a wrench in their plans in the crucial swing states. The conservative Heritage Foundation’s Oversight Project has been sharpening its legal claws, already publicizing a memo warning of the turbulent road ahead if Biden gets the boot. The Project’s executive director, Mike Howell, claims their mission is simply to uphold the law post-2020, when numerous states conveniently bent the rules for mail-in ballots, drop boxes, and extended early voting periods.

If state officials try any funny business with Biden’s nomination, Howell says his organization will pounce. He anticipates that other groups could tail right behind, possibly rallying behind fringe candidates like RFK Jr., Cornel West, or even Jill Stein. Bottom line: a legal circus is likely on the horizon. 


Biden getting the hook could turn the upcoming Democratic convention into an all-out melee. While Democratic delegates are slated to plunk for Biden, nearly 4,000 have already pledged their support. If Biden decides to retire, it would turn the convention floor into a battlefield with no automatic handover to Vice President Kamala Harris. She, like anyone else, would have to duke it out for the nomination.

Meanwhile, some seasoned Democratic minds like James Zogby are brainstorming convoluted escape routes, including a mini-primary to let DNC members pick their preferred candidate before the convention. Howell’s crew would scrutinize every move, doubting that the Democrats could legally navigate such a tight maze.

Substituting Biden also risks nullifying primary results in states like Wisconsin, which mandates that the nominee’s name appears on the general election ballot unless they kick the bucket. Sure, states like Nevada might allow some wiggle room before early September deadlines, but it’s still a recipe for chaos. Any shifts after those dates could spell disaster, sowing confusion among voters and sparking legal challenges from every corner. 

Even in Republican-leaning states like Georgia, there are worries about self-serving cooperation with an improper Democratic switch, all for their own crafty reasons. Georgia, infamous for its 2020 election drama, became the first state to overhaul election laws and is likely to remain a battleground of controversy.

So if the Democrats want to dethrone Biden this late in the game, they’d better brace for a whirlwind—legal, logistical, and political. Strap in, folks. It’s going to be a bumpy ride.

Written by Staff Reports

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