Biden’s Frequent Neurologist Visits Spark Health Transparency Concerns

President Biden’s latest medical mystery tour is raising more questions than answers, folks. According to a letter released by the White House, the president has been evaluated eight times in eight months by Dr. Kevin R. Cannard, a neurologist specializing in Parkinson’s disease. This means the same expert who evaluates Biden during his annual physicals was apparently on speed dial for the White House.

Dr. Kevin O’Connor, Biden’s physician, eagerly confirmed that this neurological Sherlock Holmes has given Biden a clean bill of health during each of these visits. Dr. Cannard’s findings, which are supposedly transparent and public, assert there are no signs of Parkinson’s, stroke, or any other neurological impairments. So, the commander-in-chief is as fit as a fiddle, if one trusts these frequent assessments.

And let’s not forget the timing. Just hours before the release of this letter, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre was grilled by reporters about why this high-profile neurologist seemed to have a standing monthly appointment at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. Like a seasoned dodgeball player, Jean-Pierre deflected all inquiries, citing privacy and security reasons, even though the visitors’ log had already outed Dr. Cannard. 


Dr. O’Connor came to Jean-Pierre’s rescue, rationalizing that Dr. Cannard’s regular visits are due to his longstanding role treating service members assigned to the White House. Apparently, these military personnel have a plethora of neurological issues that necessitate the good doctor’s frequent appearances.

In all this, there seems to be a concerted effort to reassure the public that President Biden’s brain is in tip-top shape—and yet, the more they explain, the more skeptical people become. As Biden’s doctor showers praise on Dr. Cannard’s expertise and dedication, the frequent visits still leave one wondering if there’s more being hidden behind those closed doors at the White House. American citizens deserve transparency, not just more layers of bureaucratic red tape.

Written by Staff Reports

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