ANOTHER Whistleblower Exposes DOJ in Hunter Biden Investigation

Another whistleblower has come forward to express concern about the investigation into Hunter Biden’s alleged tax fraud and financial crimes, stating that the entire team working on the case was removed from the investigation. The whistleblower has reportedly worked on the case since it began in 2018 and believes he was removed for doing the “right thing” and raising concerns about how the Department of Justice (DOJ) was handling the issue. According to The Wall Street Journal, his IRS supervisor was informed that the investigation into Hunter Biden was facing “clear conflicts of interest.”

The whistleblower further wrote in an email that he had dedicated thousands of hours to the case and had sacrificed “sleep/vacations/gray hairs etc.” to complete 95% of the investigation. He also claimed that he and his supervisor had asked for countless meetings with senior leadership but were often left out without getting a response from them. In his opinion, being removed from the case for always trying to do the right thing is unacceptable.

Let us not forget that this case also exemplifies the hypocrisy and nepotism in the Biden family. While Joe Biden was running for president, he promised to clean up “swampy” activities, yet his son Hunter Biden is being accused of tax fraud and making false statements on a federal firearms application. Despite Hunter’s wrongs being exposed to the public, the liberal media continues to ignore such substance, revealing bias in their reporting.

In conclusion, it seems that there is something suspicious going on in the DOJ’s handling of Hunter Biden’s case, and whistleblowers like the one mentioned above are being silenced. It is essential that a full investigation is carried out into the matter so that justice can take its course.

Written by Staff Reports

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