New York Times Says Minority GOP Candidates are ‘White Supremacists’

Despite their humble backgrounds, Andrew Yang and Vivek Ramaswamy have become prominent tech and business figures. They both have aspirations of becoming the next president of the US. However, according to Charles Blow, they share a dangerous worldview due to their disagreements with the progressive orthodoxy on various equity and diversity issues.

In his piece, Blow refers to white supremacy as the main opposition to his agenda. For instance, Ramaswamy has vowed to end affirmative action policies if elected, making him the first Republican to do so if he wins. Yang, on the other hand, is more left-wing when it comes to race issues. However, Blow still criticizes him due to his critiquing and joke.

This type of thinking shows how little nuance there is in Blow's ideology. He is completely focused on dogma, and any deviation from it is considered appalling. The goal is to achieve equity, but merit and achievement are considered to be enemies.

In his column, Blow noted that certain virtues, such as objectivity and hard work, are being turned into white traits that are harmful to minorities. His beliefs are also hostile to those who have succeeded on merit, as they attempt to force society to atone for its past sins.

Despite the bad moments that America has experienced, Yang and Ramaswamy believe that the country is still made up of moral progress. Their upbringings and achievements show that the country is not solely defined by its shortcomings. Under Blow's tyrannical worldview, people would lose the ability to pursue their own good life and the freedom to think and act in their own unique ways. All of their differences would be reduced to a lifeless mass of equality.

Despite the efforts of arsonists such as Blow, Ramaswamy and Yang, who are well-meaning Democrats and Republicans, can still find common ground when it comes to what it means to be an American. They know that achievement and merit are vital to the country's values.

Source: The Daily Caller

Written by Staff Reports

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