Antifa Attacks Parents: Chaos Erupts at LGBTQ School Protest

As we’ve come to expect from the radical left, Antifa agitators continue to bully and attack peaceful protesters who stand up for traditional and conservative values. This time in Glendale, California at a school board meeting where parents were rightly protesting against the mainstreaming of LGBTQ ideology in schools. Many of these parents are from the strong traditional and conservative Armenian-American community. Antifa was called up to confront the parents who were peacefully protesting the radical progressive agenda. The trouble started when parents came out in droves outside of the Glendale school board meeting, Tuesday, June 6, 2023, to express their disapproval of transgenderism and other woke policies in the schools. Unfortunately, Antifa showed up to threaten and violently assault the parents at their peaceful protest. It wasn’t just the Armenian-American parents who were attacked – the Antifa mob assaulted anyone who opposed their radical agenda.

We can see here that radical Antifa agitators always come prepared for violence and disruption. One such violent Antifa agitator has been identified as Erik Boyd, a member of the Los Angeles Antifa group. Boyd has a long history of organizing with Antifa in southern California, getting into physical fights, and is associated with dangerous and violent extremists. Boyd had allegedly been wearing riot gear and he came prepared for violence against the peaceful Armenian-American protesters. Boyd should have been arrested, tried, and jailed for what he did outside of the protest. But of course, the Soros district attorney didn’t take swift action against this violent thug or other radical Antifa members who support the reckless progressive agenda. We see that they always “get out of jail free,” no matter what the charges are. 

Parents on both sides of the political spectrum need to take a stand against the reckless, dangerous, and progressive policies being promoted by the radical left. We must condemn their violent actions at protests, and we must take a swift and uncompromising stand against Antifa members who support their dangerous agenda. Conservative values and traditionalism deserve a voice in our society, and that voice should not be silenced by violent and dangerous thugs who seek to promote their radical left agenda through bullying and intimidation. It’s time to stand up to Antifa, to protect our families, and to ensure that conservative values remain a critical part of our schools and society.

Source: Red State

Written by Staff Reports

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