Biden’s Shocking Plan to Push LGBTQ+ Agenda on Schools & Communities!

On Thursday, US President Joe Biden will unveil new initiatives aimed at helping LGBTQ+ individuals. One of these involves appointing a new official within the Education Department's Office of Civil Rights to look into book bans. The White House initially planned to hold the event on the same day, but due to wildfires in Canada, the announcement was postponed.

The goal of the program is to help schools develop effective book ban policies. Domestic Policy Adviser Tanden stated that banning books can have detrimental effects on democracy, student learning, and discrimination.

A statement released by officials claimed that these attacks aren’t just about the rights of LGBTQ individuals, but part of a larger plot against democracy.

The various initiatives included in the plan are aimed at helping communities and individuals of LGBTQ+. One of the main components of the program is a community safety program that will involve training various groups on how to handle various threats, such as bomb threats and active shooter situations.

One of the main components of the plan is to ensure that children are placed in safe and appropriate homes. This is done while also addressing the issue of homelessness among young individuals who are gay and lesbian.

According to the ALA, seven books were included in the top 13 most challenging titles in 2022. One of these is Maia Kobabe's book, “Gender Queer,” which features content related to oral sex and masturbation.

A law in Florida was also passed that regulates the content of books in school libraries. This was met with criticism from the left, as it banned the books because of their controversial content. Governor Ron DeSantis signed another law that made it illegal for schools to teach about "gender identity" or "sexual orientation."

In response to allegations about book bans in Florida, Governor Ron DeSantis referred to them as a hoax propagated by leftist activists, mainstream media, and unions. He also claimed that the state is committed to providing educational opportunities that are age-appropriate.

Source: Red State

Written by Staff Reports

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