Antifa Gets Taste of Justice: Owes Andy Ngo a Whopping $300K!

Andy Ngo, a journalist for a conservative newspaper, has spent years studying and writing about the violent actions of the radical left group Antifa. Because of what Ngo has done, these Antifa thugs have attacked him many times. In June 2019, these crazy people beat Ngo badly in Portland, Oregon. This was a particularly violent attack. They threw things at him and beat him up with board signs and tactical gloves, giving him serious injuries like a brain injury.

But finally, the right thing has been done. In the 2019 incident, Ngo has won a major win. Harmeet Dhillon, one of his lawyers from the Centre for American Liberty, said that they have settled with one suspect and won default judgements against three others. Two of the people who should have been punished got away. Still, Ngo and his law team are happy about this win against the other people responsible.

The court has ordered the three defaulting offenders, Corbyn "Katherine" Belyea, Madison "Denny" Lee Allen, and Sammich Overkill Schott-Deputy (formerly Joseph Evans), to pay Ngo $300,000 in damages. But Ngo knows that it might be hard to get this money from them because they have a history of avoiding duty. He thanked the Centre for American Liberty and his lawyers, especially his lead lawyer Dorothy Yamamoto, for holding these people responsible for using violence to try to stop him from using his First Amendment rights.

Holding Antifa responsible has always been hard, especially in Portland, Oregon, which is very liberal. It seems like these radicals almost never get in trouble for what they do because prosecutors are usually too nice to them and throw out or ignore cases against them, no matter how strong the evidence. This lack of penalties has only made Antifa more sure that they can keep terrorising people without getting in trouble.

But now that Ngo has won, Antifa knows that they can no longer do whatever they want. Even in a trial, they will have to answer for what they did. They will be even more angry about the money than about the fact that they can't get out of this judgement in any way. Now, they will have to think twice about what they do, even in Portland, which is known for being very leftist. This win is a step towards putting an end to Antifa's violence and standing up for justice and free speech.

Written by Staff Reports

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