AOC Could be in BIG TROUBLE for Ethics Violation

The ethics committee of the US House of Representatives has opened an investigation regarding Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a New York Democrat. The investigation’s subject has not been disclosed.

It has been widely believed that the investigation was triggered by a complaint filed in September 2021 by the Americans Taxpayers Foundation, which claimed that the lawmaker accepted an “impermissible gift” for her attendance at the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s annual Met Gala.

In a statement released earlier this month, Susan Wild, the acting chair of the House Ethics Committee, and Michael Guest, the ranking member, confirmed that they have decided to extend the investigation into the matter.

In their statement, the officials noted that the extension does not imply that the investigation has been carried out inappropriately. They also stated that the mandatory disclosure of the investigation’s subject and the name of the person being investigated does not constitute a finding of violation. The committee will then hold a meeting to discuss its next step in the matter.

A representative for Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez stated that the investigation will be dismissed. She noted that the lawmaker has taken ethics very seriously and has not accepted donations from special interests or lobbyists.

Aside from being at the Met Gala, which was attended by prominent individuals such as Hollywood celebrities, the lawmaker also made headlines for her choice of attire. She wore a dress that featured the slogan “Tax the Rich.”

Although she was invited to the event, the lawmaker did not keep the dress. As a rising star in the progressive movement, she quickly became a leading figure in the House. According to the watchdogs, she broke House rules by accepting other gifts.

According to House rules, members are allowed to take free tickets to events held by charity organizations. The New York Post reported that the Met Gala was one of the events that the lawmaker and her fiancé, Riley Roberts, were invited to. However, some watchdogs maintained that the rules did not apply to the event since it was organized by a for-profit company, which was the case with the Met Gala.

According to the Americans Taxpayers Foundation, Instagram, which is owned by Meta, purchased a table at the event for the lawmaker. Another complaint was also filed against the lawmaker for wearing the dress.

The complaint stated that the dress was an impermissible gift due to the lawmaker’s controversial position on the House.

Aside from the alleged violation of House rules, another complaint was also filed regarding the lawmaker’s failure to file financial disclosure forms.

Many people are wondering if this investigation is a waste of taxpayers’ money or if it should be conducted. These minor violations do not seem like they are significant compared to the issues surrounding the Clinton Foundation or Hillary Clinton’s hosting of a dinner for potential donors while she was still the US Secretary of State.

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