NY Mayor Eric Adams: Migrants Come Before Citizens

In response to the impending expiration of Title 42, Mayor Eric Adams of New York City warned that the city might have to consider service cuts to accommodate the influx of immigrants.

The expiration of the immigration restrictions known as Title 42 on December 21 has officials across the country concerned about the potential impact of another wave of immigrants on the already strained system. New York City has been the site of numerous bus trips sent by Texas Governor Greg Abbott to help alleviate the border crisis.

According to Adams, the city has received over 31,000 immigrants this year. In response, various emergency services have been deployed to provide shelter and support services to the immigrants.

In response to the expected influx of immigrants, the mayor of New York City said the city would need help from the federal government.

Despite the decrease in the number of asylum-seekers entering the city in recent months, the mayor said that the federal government would be releasing more buses from the border starting today. These buses would then arrive every week, carrying over a thousand additional asylum-seekers.

"The mayor called on the federal government and the state to help the city address the crisis by providing financial resources and work authorizations for the immigrants. New York City has been able to manage the situation on its own, and it is time for Congress to step up and help the country's immigrant community."

In response to the expected influx of immigrants, the mayor of New York City said the city would need help from the federal government. He noted that the shelter system is already full, and the city is almost out of money. If corrective measures aren't taken soon, the city might be forced to reduce the programs that New York City residents rely on. These are not the choices I want to make, but they are necessary. I will not be forced to choose between helping the current residents or new arrivals.

The mayor also criticized both parties in Congress for failing to address the issue. He claimed that both Democrats and Republicans have refused to help the country's immigrant community.

According to an estimate by the head of a Hispanic business group, the number of immigrants who illegally crossed the border during the last fiscal year was expected to reach 5 million. This would be equivalent to the number of new states that would be added due to the end of Title 42.

The preceding is a summary of an article that originally appeared on Washington Examiner.

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