AOC’s Holiday Heresy: Equates Jesus with Hamas Havoc!

The Washington Examiner recently uncovered a scandalous comparison made by none other than New York’s very own Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. The Democrat lawmaker posted a Christmas message on social media that likened the struggles of the Palestinian population in Gaza to the story of Jesus’s birth in Bethlehem. Can you believe the nerve of this woman?

Ocasio-Cortez had the audacity to draw parallels between the birth of Jesus and the conflict between Israel and Hamas. She suggested that the “entire of Christmas and Christ himself” are meant to defend the “poor and powerless.” She even went as far as to imply that Jesus’s birth in modern-day Palestine was under the threat of a government engaged in a massacre of innocents. What a crock of baloney!

The backlash was swift and fierce, with many online users expressing their disdain for Ocasio-Cortez’s blatant disregard for the truth. She conveniently failed to mention Hamas anywhere in her post, and neglected to acknowledge the terror and violence directed at Israel by this radical Islamic group. Talk about a one-sided narrative!

This is just the latest in a series of controversial statements made by Ocasio-Cortez and her progressive pals in the “Squad.” They’ve been demanding a ceasefire in Gaza and calling for an end to military aid to Israel. It’s as if they think Hamas, with its history of terrorism and brutal attacks on innocent civilians, is the victim in this situation.

It’s time for Ocasio-Cortez and her squad to wake up and smell the coffee. Their anti-Israel rhetoric and shoddy attempts to rewrite history won’t fly with those who value truth and fairness. This Christmas message fiasco is just another example of their misguided and dangerous agenda. Here’s hoping they get a reality check in the new year!

Written by Staff Reports

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