Arizona Dem Attempts To Oust Trump From Ballot – But Misfires!

In a surprising turn of events, Arizona Secretary of State Adrian Fontes, a Democrat, has rejected the left’s attempt to remove former President Trump from the ballot. The leftist plot, concocted by legal scholars and politicians, hinged on an obscure interpretation of the 14th Amendment. But Fontes, not one to be fooled by such trickery, declared that the scheme does not hold up under Arizona law.

Left-wing legal scholars like Lawrence Tribe and J. Michael Luttig have been pushing the narrative that Trump can be disqualified from state general election ballots based on the 14th Amendment. They argue that the clause was designed to punish those who betray their oaths to the Constitution, whether through violent means or attempting to overturn a presidential election. However, Fontes dismissed their claims, stating that there is no statutory process in federal law to enforce this interpretation.

Fontes initially seemed open to considering the ballot removal plot, but he quickly changed his tune after the Arizona Supreme Court ruled against it. While Fontes called the court’s precedent “stupid,” he made it clear that he would follow the law, regardless of his personal opinion. It’s refreshing to see a Democrat actually abiding by the law for once.

Fontes is not alone in his rejection of this absurd plan. New Hampshire Secretary of State David Scanlan also distanced himself from the effort, despite a lawsuit in his state. It seems that even Democrats are recognizing the constitutional crisis that would arise from such a move. Legal experts, including Alan Dershowitz, have lambasted Tribe and Luttig’s interpretation of the 14th Amendment, rightfully pointing out that it would set a dangerous precedent.

Once again, the left tries to bend and twist the law to fit their own political agenda. Thankfully, there are still some Democrats who have the integrity to stand up for what is right. We can only hope that more politicians, regardless of party affiliation, will follow Fontes’ lead and prioritize the rule of law over partisan gamesmanship.

Written by Staff Reports

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