Arizona GOP Leaders Face Charges for 2020 Election Challenge Efforts

Former Arizona Republican Party chair Kelli Ward and a group of individuals, including lawyers and former Trump aides, are facing charges in Arizona related to their involvement in efforts to challenge the 2020 election results. The group is set to appear in a Phoenix courtroom to face charges of conspiracy, forgery, and fraud.

Rudolph W. Giuliani, the former New York Mayor, is also scheduled to be arraigned, though it’s unclear whether he will seek a postponement. Arizona authorities had difficulty serving the indictment to Giuliani, but he was finally served after his 80th birthday celebration.

The indictment alleges that Ward organized the submission of false elector documents to Congress, claiming that Donald Trump had won Arizona, despite Joe Biden’s victory in the state. The group of individuals, including Ward, participated in signing a certificate declaring themselves as electors and asserting Trump’s victory in Arizona. However, their efforts were ultimately unsuccessful, and their claims were dismissed by the courts.

The charges against the individuals involved in the Arizona case are part of broader legal actions taken against allies of former President Trump in various states. The defendants are accused of making false claims and attempting to challenge the election results through legal means.

The arraignments of those involved in the case are expected to take place over the coming weeks, and the legal proceedings will continue to unfold.

Written by Staff Reports

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