Art for Influence? Biden’s Denials Crushed by Gallerist’s Expose!

The House Oversight Committee's release of transcripts from its interview with Georges Bergès, Hunter Biden’s art gallerist, has triggered widespread allegations of corruption within the Biden administration. The transcripts suggest a significant contradiction to President Biden's claims of maintaining a separation between his administration and his son's business activities.

Bergès, in what some see as a display of transparency, revealed that a substantial 70 percent of Hunter’s art purchases originated from wealthy Democratic donors. Critics argue that this confirms suspicions that the Biden family is leveraging their political influence for personal gain.

The gallerist disclosed that Hunter Biden actively sought to know the identities of art buyers, raising concerns about the transparency and ethics of these transactions. Notably, Hunter’s attorney, Kevin Morris, who has close ties to the White House, purchased his art for $875,000 in January 2023. Morris, paying a mere 40 percent commission to Bergès, prompts questions about potential underhanded deals and favoritism, sparking concerns among citizens tired of perceived elite self-enrichment.

Further exacerbating the situation, it was revealed that Elizabeth Hirsh Naftali, a prominent Democratic donor, acquired Hunter Biden’s artwork for $42,000 shortly after his father assumed the presidency. Naftali was subsequently appointed by President Biden to a prestigious commission, raising accusations of political payback and cronyism. Naftali then purchased another piece for $52,000 in December 2022, reinforcing a troubling pattern of quid pro quo.

Bergès disclosed that the Biden name played a role in inflating the prices of Hunter’s artwork, pointing to an unsettling trend of influence peddling that critics argue has no place in a democratic society.

Adding to the controversy, Bergès revealed that he not only spoke with President Biden on the phone but also met him in person, sparking allegations of a blatant abuse of power and a conflict of interest.

Critics argue that the released transcripts confirm suspicions of the Biden family's involvement in influence peddling, cronyism, and profiteering at the expense of the American people. Calls for accountability and demands that the Biden family be held to the same standards as other citizens have intensified. The transcripts, available for public scrutiny, reinforce the perception of corruption within the Biden family, prompting calls for action against such practices in the nation.

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