Biden’s Border Bonanza: 6.2M Illegals Swamp USA under Dem Watch!

The stunning admission of 6.2 million unauthorized immigrants into the United States was disclosed by President Joe Biden and his administration, according to a recent report by the Congressional Budget Office (CBO). Since January 2021, this southern influx of migrants has resulted in more than one immigrant for every two American births. According to the CBO report, a significant proportion of these individuals are being granted entry into the United States via parole authority or a notice to appear before an immigration judge.

A astounding 900,000 migrants were granted passage through official border gates, while an additional 1.1 million were granted passage through breaches in the border wall, constituting the influx of 2023. Surprisingly, by October 1, 2023, roughly half of the migrants, or a total of 1.1 million, were granted entry into the country through the "parole" clause in border law. Moreover, the report emphasizes that Biden and his Democratic allies are actively striving to broaden this parole pathway, thereby exacerbating the already severe immigration crisis.

In addition, 430,000 individuals remained in the United States well beyond the expiration of their visas, and 860,000 "gotaways" circumvented Biden's inadequately guarded and half-constructed border wall in secret during the influx of 2023. Surprisingly, hundreds of thousands of migrants who have been released since October 1, 2023 are not reflected in these figures.

The far-reaching consequences of this enormous influx of migrants affect numerous facets of American society. The decline in the projected total fertility rate among Americans has had a negative impact on the national birth rate, according to the report. Furthermore, the surge in immigration has resulted in adverse consequences for the labor market, encompassing wage stagnation and exorbitant housing expenses, which in turn hinder the expansion of American families.

The CBO report failed to discuss the issue of authorized foreign visitors who obtain employment overseas and remain there for multiple months prior to their repatriation. This fraud involving B-1/B-2 visas is a frequently neglected facet of the larger immigration issue. In addition, the report projects that there will be an influx of an additional 3.3 million unauthorized immigrants in 2024.

Further compounding the situation, although the report fails to furnish an exact quantity of legal immigrants entering the country, it does suggest a decline in such individuals during the COVID-19 outbreak. However, according to the illustration incorporated in the report, Biden assisted in the legal immigration of 2.25 million people during his inaugural three years in office.

Under these assumptions, the cumulative influx of migrants throughout Biden's presidency could potentially amount to an alarming 8.5 million, or approximately one migrant for every 10 million births in the United States that occurred during the same time frame. The surge in unauthorized immigration has been facilitated by Biden's open-border policies, which have garnered significant criticism.

Significant economic repercussions result from this immigration surge, including diminished housing, wages, and employment prospects for American citizens. Moreover, this policy has further widened the rift between states along the coast and those in the heartland and is regarded as an instance of economic colonialism in which a privileged few gain at the expense of the American people.

Without a doubt, the immigration crisis that has emerged during the administration of President Biden is an intricate and diverse dilemma that necessitates immediate consideration. The ramifications for the American labor force, economy, and social unity are immeasurable, and the continuous discourse pertaining to immigration policy will undeniably influence the political terrain in the years to come.

Written by Staff Reports

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