Ashley Biden Stumbles Over Acronym at White House LGBT Event

Another day, another Biden gaffe. This time it’s Ashley Biden, strutting her stuff on the South Lawn for the White House’s big LGBT “pride month” bash. Talk about a family full of entertainers. At least they had the sense to leave Hunter at home; last thing Biden’s world needs is a sideshow called “Tax Evasion and Gun Felonies.”

But for those expecting a message about love and acceptance from Ashley, boy, were they in for a treat. She had one job: read a speech for four minutes without tripping over her own words. Spoiler alert—she couldn’t even accomplish that! Instead, she stumbled over LGBCT. What’s next? Will Joe Biden confuse it with his three-letter word for ‘jobs’ again?

Ashley yammered on about how she sees every day the importance of children feeling loved and accepted. The Biden family soap opera has odd priorities; love and acceptance apparently mean mishmashing acronyms and pushing narratives that traditional folks look sideways at. All in a day’s work for the Bidens, where every misstep is a chip off the old block.

The audience, more enthralled than a puppy in a room full of squirrels, likely missed the irony. Not a surprise considering this administration’s track record. Remember Joe’s 2022 gem, “Let me start off with two words: Made in America”? Or the hodgepodge tales of Corn Pop and Mandela from the wrong city? If nothing else, Ashley’s flub confirmed that gaffes are a family heirloom.

And let’s not forget the optics! It’s Ashley dredging up dad’s linguistic prowess, making sure nobody forgets they’re definitely related. Move over Chelsea Clinton; Ashley’s got the stage, and she’s got mud to sling just by opening her mouth. Maybe she’s angling for a position at the Biden School of Linguistics, where it’s all about convoluted speeches and bewildering words.

By the end of the event, at least she could be proud she didn’t have to accessorize with an electronic monitoring bracelet. But, let’s count our blessings—one the Biden bunch can follow along without turning the nation’s politics into an even bigger circus. The White House can rest easy; Ashley’s there to uphold the Biden legacy of baffling audiences and making sure the punchlines keep rolling.

Written by Staff Reports

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