Baseless Tucker Lawsuit Exposed: Ex-Producer Never Even Met Him

Abby Grossberg is making yet another baseless and frivolous accusation against one of Fox News’ most prominent and respected journalists, Tucker Carlson. However, her accusation has just been debunked by her own lawyers – she never met the man she is accusing of wrongdoing.

As the head of booking for Carlson’s show, Grossberg never even had the opportunity to meet with him personally. Carlson conducts his show from his personal studios in Maine and Florida and never visited Fox’s New York headquarters during Grossberg’s tenure. So, how could Carlson have fostered a hostile and discriminatory workplace environment against her or anyone else on his staff?

It seems that Grossberg’s lawsuit against Carlson is nothing more than a desperate attempt at attention and money. She accuses him of enabling staff members to engage in bullying, sexism, and anti-Semitic remarks, among other things, but without any evidence to support these claims, they are nothing more than empty rhetoric.

Despite the lack of evidence, Grossberg’s legal team is continuing to waste time and money reviewing approximately 90 recordings of her time on the show, which supposedly contain 34 hours of evidence. It’s doubtful that they will find anything of substance, but we can be sure that they will continue to try to spin falsehoods in order to gain media attention.

The fact that Grossberg never even met with Carlson should be enough to dismiss this baseless lawsuit. However, as we have seen in recent times, anyone can make a false accusation and get traction in the media. We must stand with Tucker Carlson and demand justice for this outrageous situation.

Written by Staff Reports

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