WATCH: Biden Forgets Where He Was, Literal Child Reminds Him

President Biden’s cognitive struggles were once again brought to the fore when a little girl had to remind him of his last country visit at a White House event on Thursday. While talking to children as part of a “take your kid to work day” event, a young girl in the crowd asked the president which country he visited last. The POTUS struggled to recall where he had been and expressed his difficulty in keeping track of his 89 head-of-state meetings.

The little girl yelled out “Ireland” from the audience, which led to a moment of clarity for Biden. The president exclaimed “Yeah you’re right, Ireland! That’s where it was. How’d ya know that?” The video of this incident makes it clear that the president was completely unaware of his last trip and had to rely on a young member of the audience to remind him.

This is not the first time President Biden has displayed signs of cognitive decline; in fact, it is a regular occurrence. The POTUS has struggled to complete sentences, recall names, and answer questions accurately in the past. The latest incident at the White House event once again highlights Biden’s dwindling cognitive abilities.

The young girl was not the only one who had to fact-check the president at the “take your kid to work day” event. When Biden told the children that he had five grandchildren, a little girl in the crowd corrected him by saying that he had six. Even then, President Biden struggled to recall the right answer and had to be reminded by the audience.

It is concerning that the president of the United States is unable to remember basic facts about his own life, including where he has traveled and how many grandchildren he has. The role of a president is demanding and requires someone who is mentally sharp and capable of making quick decisions. Unfortunately, President Biden’s recent incidents suggest that he may not be up to the task.

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