Trump Takes the Lead in NH Polls, Unveils Strong Leadership Team for 2024

Former President Donald Trump is back in the political arena and ready to take on the 2024 presidential election! On Thursday, Donald Trump boarded his plane, Trump Force One, to make his way to New Hampshire. It’s been his first time to the state since launching his third presidential bid last November. His campaign announcement rally will not only serve as a platform to display his appeal to the people but also as an opportunity to unveil his leadership team for the state of New Hampshire.

As always, Donald Trump struck a great impression upon takeoff, mentioning his recent success in an Emerson College poll. He proudly announced that he’s leading the Republican primary race by 50% margin, stomping his rivals into the ground. The former President has a strong chance to make it to the White House again in 2024, and he seems to be bent on doing so.

Donald Trump’s leadership team consists of fifty members of the legislature, which the campaign says comprises one-quarter of all Republicans in the New Hampshire House of Representatives. The list includes big names such as The Honorable Bruce Breton, The Honorable Lou Gargiulo, and many more, all set to rally behind Trump and aid him in his renewed quest for the presidency.

As Trump makes his way to New Hampshire, he is set to make his remarks about his proposed policies, leadership platform, and vision for America. This comes after Florida Republican Governor Ron Desantis’ visit to Manchester, where he held an event of his own. It’s no secret that Desantis is perceived as Trump’s biggest obstacle to make it to the White House again, although he hasn’t officially declared a presidential bid.

Donald Trump continues to soar high as a political figure, filled with patriotism and passion for the American way of life. Furthermore, Trump’s supporters believe that he can unite the nation, which has been plagued by division under President Joe Biden. It is clear that Trump is still a force to be reckoned with in politics. The question is, will the rest of America take notice?

Written by Staff Reports

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