BBC Host Faces Backlash for Suggesting Biden Should Murder Trump in Deleted Tweet

David Aaronovitch, a BBC host, sparked outrage when he suggested that President Joe Biden should have former President Donald Trump “murdered” following the Supreme Court ruling on presidential immunity. The liberal presenter made the incendiary comments in a now-deleted tweet, claiming it was meant as satire. However, his attempt at humor backfired as critics accused him of inciting violence.

As the backlash grew, Aaronovitch backtracked and deleted the controversial post, blaming it on a supposed “far right pile on.” Despite removing the tweet, he continued to face criticism from those who saw his words as irresponsible and dangerous. Even political commentator Alex Armstrong questioned Aaronovitch’s sudden change of tune, insinuating external influence in the decision to delete the post. 


In a defiant tone, Aaronovitch lashed out at his detractors, labeling them as part of an “extraordinary sub-culture.” His refusal to acknowledge the seriousness of his initial statement only intensified the backlash against him. The BBC, where Aaronovitch works, has remained silent on the issue, leaving many to wonder about the network’s stance on the matter.

The Supreme Court’s ruling, which granted limited prosecutorial immunity to presidents for their official acts, has drawn mixed reactions. Donald Trump hailed the decision as a victory for the constitution and democracy, while Democrats condemned it as a blow to accountability. The ongoing political divide over the court’s decision has further fueled tensions in an already polarized climate.

With Trump celebrating the ruling as a vindication and Democrats decrying it as a threat to democracy, the debate over presidential immunity continues to rage on. While Trump sees it as a shield against political persecution, his opponents view it as a dangerous precedent that undermines the rule of law. The aftermath of the SCOTUS decision promises to be a battleground for competing narratives and political agendas, shaping the discourse leading up to the next election.

Written by Staff Reports

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