Ben Carson Unleashes at CPAC: Trump the Most Persecuted in History!

In a fiery speech at the 2024 Conservative Political Action Conference, former Housing and Urban Development Secretary Dr. Ben Carson proclaimed Donald Trump as the most unfairly targeted political figure in modern history. “I think he’s been persecuted more than any political figure I remember in my lifetime, and probably before that,” Carson declared, much to the applause of the conservative audience.

Carson staunchly defended his former boss, asserting that Trump is facing relentless political persecution due to his unwavering commitment to putting American citizens first. He insisted that Trump’s only “crime” is representing the interests of the American people and that the attacks against him are unjust attempts to thwart the will of the voters.

Despite the ongoing legal battles and smear campaigns against Trump, Carson doubled down on his support for the former president, emphasizing his confidence in Trump’s ability to “fix our country.” He fervently declared that he would stand by Trump, even if he were to face a conviction, so long as the charges were not “morally objectionable,” a sentiment that resonated deeply with the conservative crowd.

In a bold move, Carson also left the door open to potentially joining forces with Trump once again, possibly as his running mate in the 2024 election. When asked about the prospect, Carson teased the idea, stating, “I really haven’t put a lot of thought into it.” With his non-committal response, Carson sparked excitement among Trump supporters, leaving them eager for the possibility of a powerhouse partnership between the two influential figures.

As Carson’s unwavering support for Trump reverberated throughout the conference, it became clear that the conservative base remains fiercely loyal to the former president, ready to rally behind him in his quest to “save our country.” With his unyielding endorsement and tantalizing hints at a potential political alliance, Dr. Ben Carson’s presence at the CPAC event served as a rallying call for the conservative movement, setting the stage for what could be a monumental political comeback for Donald Trump.

Written by Staff Reports

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