Ben & Jerry’s BUSTED For Child Labor?

A class action complaint has been filed against Ben & Jerry's accusing them of employing migrant child labor in their supply chain, and the Biden administration's immigration policies are being held responsible for this. The plaintiff, Dovid Tyrnauer, has stated that he would have either paid less or not purchased Ben & Jerry's products had he known about the alleged use of migrant child labor. The lawsuit further alleges that Ben & Jerry's uses social justice concerns in its marketing, endorsing politicians like Independent Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders and former President Barack Obama.

After The New York Times wrote an article on major U.S. companies engaging in child labor practices, Ben & Jerry's responded by affirming that they have a zero-tolerance policy towards any supplier who violates the law. They also stated that they are vehemently opposed to child labor and have a lengthy record of advocating for justice and fairness. However, despite these claims, the class action lawsuit against them is still ongoing.

The exploitation of migrant child labor in Ben & Jerry's supply chain appears to be attributed to the open-border immigration policies of the Biden administration. Due to the failure of the administration to secure the borders and control the influx of illegal immigrants, instances of child labor have surged. This is a distressing illustration of how the policies of the Biden administration are adversely affecting the lives of innocent children.

Following the lawsuit, the Biden administration has established a new task force to tackle the issue of illegal child labor exploitation. Nevertheless, this initiative fails to address the underlying reason for the problem, which is the open-border immigration policies. The administration needs to acknowledge the consequences of its failed immigration policies and take appropriate action to secure the borders, thereby preventing further exploitation of migrant child labor.

The use of migrant child labor in Ben & Jerry's supply chain is reprehensible, and the fact that the Biden administration's open-border immigration policies are responsible for it is even more unacceptable. The administration needs to acknowledge responsibility for their flawed immigration policies and take the necessary steps to secure the borders and prevent any further exploitation of migrant child labor. President Biden must put a stop to his open-border immigration policies and guarantee that no more innocent children are subjected to labor exploitation for corporate gain.

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