Biden Accuser Flees to Russia, Exposing Media Hypocrisy & Elitist Silence!

Former Joe Biden aide, Tara Reade, has left the country in search of political asylum in Russia. Reade rose to national attention last year during the 2020 presidential campaign, when she made a public accusation of sexual assault against President Joe Biden during his tenure as Senator. Despite initial media coverage, Reade’s claims were met with a lukewarm response from the mainstream media and feminist movements, and Reade was quickly marginalized and pushed aside.

Reade’s flight to Russia has been fueled by her sense of exclusion and ostracism from American social and political life and her feeling of being trapped and silenced by political elites. Speaking from Russia, Reade said she felt “safe and heard” for the first time in a long time. She added that she was tired of the politicians and the media silencing her, even blocking her from attending public events with Matt Gaetz, a Republican Congressman who offered her protection.

As a whistleblower, Reade believes that her rights have been trampled on, and she is now calling on her fellow Americans to “take back their power” from the privileged elite. Reade is determined to stand up and speak the truth again, but she also believes she needs protection from political insiders and those who would silence her than ever before.

Moreover, despite Biden’s denial of the claims, Reade’s allegations of sexual harassment levelled against him would likely have prompted the White House administration to fall if they had received appropriate media coverage. The fact that the legacy media ignored her claims and focused, instead, on demonizing Donald Trump reflects the corruption of the media in the country.

Reade is asking Americans to rally around her, to take back the power that has been stolen from them and stand up against political elites. With Reade’s case, one thing is sure – the Washington political class, along with the legacy media, will do everything to discredit her, and unfortunately, they’ll likely succeed through intellectual dishonesty and censorship from the social media giants.

Written by Staff Reports

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