Biden Admin Celebrates Border Progress Amid New ISIS Threat

The Biden administration seems to be living in some bizarre alternate reality where “sorta bad” results are now cause for a victory lap. Over this past week, officials in the White House actually celebrated the so-called progress they’ve made on curbing the Southern border nightmare. Newsflash for Biden’s team: a 40 percent reduction from their own chaos isn’t exactly Nobel Prize-worthy.

The merriment was highlighted in a White House memo making rounds on social media, heralding a 40 percent decrease in border encounters. The administration wants a pat on the back for achieving a “less horrible” state of affairs at the southern border. And just as they were popping the champagne, news broke of a new border fiasco involving none other than ISIS.

This couldn’t be scripted better by a comedian. The very day the Biden Bunch congratulated themselves, NBC News reported over 50 illegal entrants with “potential ties to an ISIS-affiliated smuggling network” had slipped into the U.S. and were now roaming free. To make matters worse, ICE has managed to detain an additional 150 people associated with this terror-linked network. The administration might want to pause the celebrations and focus on the terror threats now walking American streets.

In a series of actions that would make a bureaucrat blush, the Biden memo also took a swipe at Trump’s border policies. Naturally, they conveniently omitted that the ongoing border disaster kicked off when Biden decided to roll back successful Trump-era measures. If irony were currency, this administration would be swimming in it.

But the pièce de résistance was the revelation that Customs and Border Protection agents had to release many of these 400 illegals into the U.S., thanks to policies enacted by the very fools clapping for themselves right now. Former FBI counterterrorism chief Christopher O’Leary is less than thrilled, noting ICE is now in scramble mode to track down individuals who pose clear security risks.

Over on social media, thankfully some users decided to rain on Biden’s self-congratulatory parade. One user succinctly pointed out that the administration’s efforts are “way too little, and way too late.” Perhaps Biden’s team should save the confetti and focus instead on making America safer, rather than conjuring up imaginary trophies for a job no one thinks they’re doing well.

Written by Staff Reports

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