Biden Admin Moves to Shut Down Largest Christian University

The Biden administration’s Secretary of Education, Miguel Cardona, has declared plans to close down Grand Canyon University (GCU), which is the biggest Christian university in the United States. The decision was made public during a House Appropriations Committee hearing on April 10, 2024. Cardona also stated his intention to shut down other Christian schools, alarming many Americans who value religious freedom and diverse educational options.

The exchange between Cardona and U.S. Rep. Rosa DeLauro revealed their hostile attitude towards GCU, labeling it as a “predatory for-profit school.” The Department of Education, under Cardona’s leadership, has already taken action against GCU, imposing a hefty $37.7 million fine for allegedly misleading students about their tuition costs. This aggressive approach towards Christian institutions is concerning and raises questions about the Biden administration’s commitment to academic freedom.

Cardona’s remarks about cracking down on schools like GCU, which he described as preying on first-generation students with deceptive marketing tactics, demonstrate a clear bias against religious educational institutions. This move is seen by many conservatives as an attack on traditional values and an overreach of government power into private education.

The Biden administration’s targeting of GCU and similar schools has sparked backlash from organizations like the American Principles Project (APP), who view it as an attempt to enforce progressive ideology on educational institutions. Conservatives argue that parents and students should have the freedom to choose the type of education that aligns with their beliefs without government interference or punishment.

In conclusion, the Biden administration’s aggressive stance against Christian universities like GCU sets a dangerous precedent for religious freedom and educational diversity in the United States. Conservatives believe that individuals should have the right to access education that reflects their values and that government officials should not be involved in overstepping boundaries in regulating private institutions.

Written by Staff Reports

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