Biden Admin Sanctions Israeli Group for Blocking Gaza Aid

The Biden administration has taken action against a right-wing Israeli group, Tzav 9, for obstructing and damaging aid meant for Gaza. This group has been accused of blocking aid convoys, harassing humanitarian efforts, and even setting fire to aid trucks in the West Bank. The State Department has announced these sanctions under President Biden’s executive order on West Bank violence, which has previously been used to sanction Jewish settlers involved in attacks on Palestinians.

The U.S. national security adviser called these actions by Tzav 9 a “total outrage,” emphasizing the importance of delivering humanitarian assistance to those in need. The State Department spokesman echoed this sentiment, stating that the U.S. will not tolerate acts that sabotage essential humanitarian aid efforts, and expects Israeli authorities to do the same.

Gaza, home to approximately 2.2 million people, is currently facing the threat of famine, making the delivery of aid crucial. Despite efforts to provide aid through various means, including aerial drops and building a pier off Gaza’s coasts, consistent access to aid remains a challenge due to restricted land borders with Egypt and Israel.

Furthermore, while the Biden administration has provided military aid to Israel, it has also pushed for greater safeguards for civilians and increased access for aid to enter Gaza through Israel’s border crossings. There are right-wing extremist factions in Israel opposed to allowing aid into Gaza, with ties to Tzav 9, as reported by Axios.

Overall, the U.S. government’s actions against Tzav 9 demonstrate a commitment to promoting accountability for those impeding humanitarian efforts, while also seeking to address the urgent humanitarian needs of the people in Gaza.

Written by Staff Reports

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