Biden Admin Warns Israel Strong Gaza Response Could Empower Hamas

The Biden administration is chatting up a storm, trying to convince everyone that if Israel goes all guns blazing on Hamas in Rafah, it’s actually going to make Hamas stronger. Like, seriously?

So, Israel goes ahead with a little operation near the Egyptian border in Rafah, trying to tackle the last few Hamas battalions holding up in the Gaza Strip. State Department guy, Matthew Miller, is having a moment, saying Israel going full force in Rafah would somehow make Israel less secure. Well, that’s a head scratcher!

Then, the White House jumps in, with the national security spokesperson John Kirby, making it sound like if Israel dares to go big in Rafah, it’s just going to make Hamas more sassy at the negotiation table. Because, you know, if more civilians from the other side get hurt, Hamas might not feel like making nice and giving back hostages. Huh?

And get this, nobody is sharing what Israel should do instead of going after Hamas in Rafah. It’s like they want Israel to just stand around and watch the popcorn pop!

But hey, Joel B. Pollak, a smarty pants over at Breitbart News, is giving this whole situation the side-eye. He’s not buying the whole “let’s not hit them too hard” argument. And honestly, can you blame him? It’s like telling the school bully, “Hey, maybe don’t stand up to them too much, they might get even meaner.” Yeah, that’s not how you deal with a bully!

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