Biden Administration Loses Track of 85K Migrant Children

Last week, The New York Times had published a report further exposing the Biden administration’s failures in handling the border crisis. The article cited that the number of unaccompanied minors arriving at the southern border had skyrocketed in 2022 to triple the numbers during the Trump administration’s time in office. Despite the administration’s policies of tracking these children, the HHS department “lost immediate contact with a third of migrant children.” That’s more than 85,000 unaccounted-for kids in 2022 alone. The Times revealed that the administration ordered the unvetted cutting of corners in the processing of children, ushering them out of shelters as fast as possible to avoid ‘kids in cages’ optics.

The wellbeing of migrant children was not a priority for the administration. Stopping the influx of children into the country and securing the border was out of the question. The priority was to keep the facilities looking not too full for the cameras, so countless children were thrust out into the American interior to shoddily-vetted adult “sponsors.” Many of these children ended up in exploitative situations. Along with child trafficking, there was a child labor emergency that resulted in many children working in punishing and dangerous jobs across the United States.

The Biden administration did not seem to care about the exploitation of children, as evident in their inaction in response to repeated reports about the children’s endangerment by different government departments. Republican lawmakers brought up these revelations in detail during the Capitol Hill hearings featuring the incompetent and dishonest DHS Secretary.

A former senior career member of the HHS division filed a complaint with the HHS Office of Inspector General, stating that if nothing continued to be done, there would be a catastrophic event. Later, she was thrown out of her position, with whistleblower protection measures not in place. “I feel like short of protesting in the streets, I did everything I could to warn them,” Ms. Sualog said of the administration. “They just didn’t want to hear it.” However, the White House declined to comment on this matter.

The lack of reaction to the child exploitation crisis by the Biden administration is a testament to the left-of-center groupthink that exists in mainstream media. When it comes to Democrat mistakes, these media outlets are unwilling to bring them to light. Figures like AOC and Harris, who previously staged their “concern” shows, are currently silent as thousands of migrant children are still in danger. Unlike the Republicans’ time in office, Democrats’ renowned humanitarianism is not to be seen when it comes to migrant children’s welfare.

Written by Staff Reports

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