Biden Administration Shows True Colors as Enemy of Free Press

The Biden administration has been accused of being one of the least transparent and media-friendly administrations in history. Recently, the White House tried to exclude several reporters from President Joe Biden’s remarks by citing “limited space” even though there were more than 20 available seats in the room. To gain access to presidential events and briefings held at the South Court Auditorium, journalists are required to submit a “credential” form, and the administration has never been open about its selection process. Staff members have argued that space is limited.

Journalists have criticized the administration for holding infrequent presidential press conferences and for being opaque about which reporters are on Biden’s “list” and who can attend events. Steven Nelson of The New York Post, who frequently asks questions about Hunter Biden, was denied entry to Monday’s event, suggesting that the administration is more interested in favoritism than transparency and accountability.

The lack of transparency and media friendliness is just one issue among many. Recently, the White House released new policies targeted at journalists who behave in an unprofessional manner and disrupt events or briefings, with the potential for reporters to be banned from the White House grounds. The Biden administration determines what constitutes unprofessional behavior, raising concerns about censorship of opposing viewpoints and criticism of socialist, big government policies.

It’s evident that the Biden administration does not prioritize a free and open press, despite their public statements. The White House appears to expect the media to be obedient and refrain from asking any questions that could reflect poorly on the administration. These attacks on the press are unacceptable and should be condemned by anyone who values press freedom and a robust media.

Written by Staff Reports

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