Biden Administration Threatens Innovation with Attempted Seizure of Drug Patents

In these topsy-turvy times in America, the Biden bunch is at it again, waving the flag of government overreach. They’re eyeing prescription drugs like a thief in the night, threatening to use “march-in rights” granted by the Bayh-Dole Act. This classic piece of legislation, a brainchild of Sens. Birch Bayh and Bob Dole, has been a ramp for innovation, sparking $1.3 trillion in economic growth and birthing over 11,000 startup companies. We’re talking miracles here, folks.

But leave it to the Biden brigade to mess with a good thing. They’re dusting off a provision in Bayh-Dole that lets Uncle Sam swipe patents if drug prices are deemed “unreasonable.” Cue the eye roll. This law has been a champ for decades, never needing to flex its muscle, but now it’s in the crosshairs of the Biden bunch.

Research and development aren’t a walk in the park, especially in the world of medicine. A slapdash approach to drug patents and prices could slam the door on progress. The thought of government meddling in this delicate dance between risk and reward is enough to make any sensible person cringe. But alas, here we are, with the lefties salivating over the chance to play Hugo Chavez with our healthcare.

As the left twists themselves into knots trying to sell this power grab as a gift to the people, the reality is clear – it’s all about control. President Trump, a guardian of liberty, knows that innovation thrives when the heavy hand of government stays out of the cookie jar. With decades of experience in DC, Biden should know better, but alas, power tends to cloud the mind.

Let’s not be fooled by the siren song of government intervention. The magic of America lies in its freedom and free market. We must stand guard against any move that threatens to stifle the very innovation that makes this country great. Let the innovators innovate, and keep those march-in rights locked up tight.

Written by Staff Reports

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