Biden Allies Slam Report as “B.S.,” Back Prez Amid Doc Drama

Top allies of President Joe Biden rallied to his defense in a surprising show of loyalty, brushing off Special Counsel Robert Hur's damning report on the president's handling of classified documents as "gratuitous" and "politically motivated." Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas and Biden campaign national co-chair Mitch Landrieu stood firmly behind the 81-year-old president during a passionate appearance on Meet the Press.

Mayorkas remained resolute in his stance, contending that the special counsel's report cleared Biden of any wrongdoing and emphasizing that the matter was now closed. He criticized personal remarks about the president's mental state as "gratuitous, unnecessary, and inaccurate," subtly addressing ongoing impeachment threats by redirecting the focus to the facts and the law, which he argued absolved the president.

Similarly, Landrieu vigorously defended Biden's mental sharpness, portraying him as "keen, deeply analytical, and meticulous." Dismissing suggestions of the president's unfitness for office, Landrieu asserted Biden's toughness and intelligence, even humorously suggesting that those briefing him should be prepared for serious discussions. He dismissed Hur's remarks as "baseless attacks" and "nonsense."

Both Mayorkas and Landrieu rejected speculation about Cabinet discussions regarding the 25th Amendment, firmly denying any such considerations. Vice President Kamala Harris and former Attorney General Eric Holder echoed their sentiments, condemning Hur's portrayal of Biden's mental state as unwarranted and politically motivated.

In the face of mounting criticism, this resolute support from Biden's top allies underscores their unwavering dedication to shielding him from attacks on his mental capacity. Despite the damning findings of the special counsel's report, it appears that the president's staunch supporters are steadfast in their refusal to entertain doubts about his ability to lead.





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