Biden Avoids Brain Check, White House Says No Need

President Joe Biden recently underwent a physical, but noticeably absent from the list of assessments was a cognitive test. The White House was quick to defend the president, claiming that he doesn’t need one. Press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre confidently declared that Biden “passes a cognitive test every day,” citing his ability to transition between different topics and understand them at a detailed level.

According to Jean-Pierre, the president’s recent engagements, such as discussing crime, planning a visit to the southern border, and preparing for the State of the Union address, serve as evidence of his mental acuity. She firmly stated, “The president doesn’t need a cognitive test,” emphasizing that even the doctor overseeing his physical shared the same belief.

Around 20 physicians were involved in Biden’s physical examination, which took place at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Maryland. However, despite the thorough evaluation, the absence of a cognitive test raised concerns about the president’s age and health, particularly following the recent investigation into his mishandling of classified documents.

While Special counsel Robert Hur chose not to pursue charges against the president, he noted Biden’s lapses in memory in his report, a characterization vehemently disputed by the White House. White House physician Dr. Kevin O’Connor spearheaded the assessment, but he did not address the press directly, opting to visit Jean-Pierre’s office instead.

Biden himself downplayed any discrepancies, asserting that there was no significant departure from his previous year’s physical. This decision and subsequent defense from the White House have reignited discussions about Biden’s cognitive abilities and overall fitness to serve as president.

Written by Staff Reports

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