Biden Backs Protesters, Bungles Speech as Trump Calls Bluff in NC!

In the news article about President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris’s appearance in North Carolina, it was covered how Biden encountered anti-Israel protesters and didn’t shut them down! Instead, he actually let them speak and even said they had a point. Can you believe that? To top it off, he stumbled through his words and mentioned Obamacare like it was fresh news, when in reality it’s just a broken record at this point.

And don’t even get started on how Biden took shots at the Republicans. He fearmongered about them trying to get rid of the Affordable Healthcare Act again, which is just ridiculous. Then Trump called him out on his nonsense and set the record straight, insisting that he wants to make the ACA, or Obamacare, better and cheaper for Americans. Talk about a reality check for Biden!

But that’s not all, folks. Biden also brought up how Republicans voted against the American Rescue Plan Act, which led to sky-high inflation. Even Democratic economists warned about that mess! And let’s not forget Biden’s repeated falsehoods about Trump, including the ridiculous claim that Trump told people to inject bleach. That’s just plain silly.

And here’s the kicker: Biden rambled about protecting Social Security and Medicare, but his own Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen seems to be in the dark about his plan. What’s going on there, Joe? And don’t even get started on his mix-up about the Women’s Health Protection Act. He seems to be all over the place with his claims and promises.

It’s like Biden can’t catch a break, even towards the end of his speech, making cringeworthy remarks about leading economists supporting Bidenomics. But let’s be real, Bidenomics and Biden’s handling of the economy aren’t exactly popular. The New York Times even fact-checked him, and voters seem to prefer Trump when it comes to the economy. Ouch!

To top it all off, Biden seems to be targeting North Carolina, a state that Trump won twice and is favored to win again in 2024. Even the polls show Trump leading in the state. But Biden seems to be in denial, setting his sights on flipping the state. Someone should give him a reality check!

But let’s not forget how Biden’s visit ties into the governor’s race in North Carolina. Democratic Attorney General Josh Stein is running for governor and seems to be banking on Biden’s support to win. But the race is tight, and the Republican nominee, Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson, is proving to be tough competition. It’s clear that Biden’s visit and support might not be the golden ticket Stein is hoping for.

In the end, it seems like Biden’s visit to North Carolina is just another opportunity for him to make a mess of things and give false hope to his fellow Democrats. But as the Republicans in the state gear up for a competitive race, it’s clear that Biden’s antics might not be enough to sway the voters. And with the media twisting Robinson’s words, it’s no wonder the voters are seeing through the smoke and mirrors of the left’s campaign tactics.

Written by Staff Reports

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