Biden Backtracks on Buy American Vow for Broadband

President Joe Biden’s administration is at it again, folks! In a shocking twist that reeks of hypocrisy, the administration has decided to make exceptions to its own “Buy American” rule when it comes to rural broadband internet. That’s right, they are now allowing the purchase of non-optic-glass inputs and electronics that are not made in the good ole U.S. of A. What happened to supporting American businesses, Mr. President?

While the administration is touting that nearly 90% of materials will still be American-made, critics are rightly pointing out the absurdity of this waiver. Buying American-made products should not come with asterisks and exceptions. It’s all or nothing, folks! This move could potentially lead to complications and hinder the growth of domestic manufacturing – a true disservice to hardworking American workers.

And let’s not forget about the Biden administration’s struggle to provide high-speed internet to rural Americans. The Texas Tribune reports that grant recipients for broadband infrastructure are not utilizing funds properly. So, not only are they backtracking on their Buy American promise, but they can’t even effectively deliver on their promises for expanding internet access. It’s a double whammy of incompetence and broken promises!

It’s time for the Biden administration to stop playing politics and start prioritizing American businesses and citizens. If they truly want to support American workers and boost our economy, they need to stick to their Buy American pledge and hold grant recipients accountable for delivering on their promises. We need real action, not just empty words and waivers. Let’s put America first and make sure our tax dollars are benefiting American workers and businesses, not foreign interests.

Written by Staff Reports

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