Biden Baffled: Swaps Existential Threats at NY Fundraiser, Dodges Press Conference

In true Biden fashion, the President can’t seem to keep his thoughts straight or his brain functioning properly. During a series of fundraisers in New York City, Biden made some truly puzzling statements that left everyone scratching their heads.

First, he claimed that the “one existential threat” to the world was the environment. Now, I don’t know about you, but last time I checked, the environment wasn’t exactly a threat to our existence. Maybe he meant climate change, but who knows? Biden couldn’t even get his terminology straight.

But then, just like a magician pulling a rabbit out of his hat, Biden suddenly changed his mind and declared that the “one existential threat” was actually Donald Trump. Talk about flip-flopping! One minute it’s the environment, the next it’s Trump. Does Joe know how to count to two? I have my doubts.

It’s clear that Biden has no idea what he’s saying from one minute to the next. His brain is like a bowl of spaghetti, all tangled up and confusing. How can we trust a president who can’t even keep his own thoughts in order? It’s a scary thought.

And if that wasn’t enough, Biden also misled the media about his upcoming press conference. He told reporters that he would be back at the White House and ready to answer their questions. But surprise, surprise! Biden didn’t follow through on his promise. It turns out there won’t be a press conference after all. Did someone change their mind, or did Biden just plain forget? Either way, it’s yet another example of his inability to keep his word.

It’s clear that Biden’s cognitive decline is only getting worse. How can we expect him to lead our nation when he can’t even remember what he said five minutes ago? It’s a disgrace.

But let’s not forget the real existential threat here: the radical left’s agenda. While Biden is busy tripping over his own words, he’s handing the left all kinds of gains. They want to radically change our country, and Biden is paving the way for them. That’s the real danger we face, and it’s time we start paying attention.

So, while Biden may have entertained a room full of obedient Democrats at his fundraisers, the rest of us are left wondering how someone so confused and unreliable could ever be trusted to lead our nation. It’s time to wake up, America. The emperor has no clothes.

Written by Staff Reports

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